Friday, February 26, 2010

another crazy week


Another week has gone by and once again I haven't had a chance to blog even once :(. Things seem to finally be calming down now and the big project I've been working on is going live today. Maybe Rudi and I can now return to a normal life.

So, what's been happening lately?

Well, most of last week is a blur. We did go to The Royal Hotel on friday for our wedding menu tasting and before we got there we popped into Het Vlock Kasteel to buy the gifts for the wedding. That's where we saw the little cutie at the top of this post hoping around. We also took a lovely pic of the valley and there you can see the little cottage that will be out honeymoon suite for our first night as husband and wife :)

Riebeek Kasteel Honemoon Suite

Then it was off to the tasting. The hotel is looking so beautiful and it has been all spruced up. It was the most gorgeous day and we sat on the patio and ate great food and I thought "we are going to have such an amazing wedding here". I can't wait. Only 43 sleeps!

The weekend we mostly worked. Could have kicked ourselves as Rudi and I wanted to go to Boulders to swim, but thought "lets get all our work done on saturday (even though it was the most amazing day here) and we'll go swimming on sunday". Needless to say sunday turned out cool and a bit rainy, but we hopped in the car and just took a drive. It was still nice to get out of the house.

Simon's Town


We went to see the penguins at boulders. They're so cute! And there is something so lovely about animals that mate for life.

Well, that's what went on in my life, except for all the work. I'm taking Rudi to Betty's Bay next weekend. Neither of us can wait as we really need the break. No pcs, no work, no last minute deadlines.

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