Thursday, April 15, 2010

the honeymoon begins

We got to the airport really early this morning as we had to, apparently, be there 3 hours before our flight left. So this was at about 7am. We booked in and thankfully got two seats at the back of the plane all on their own (so I wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone for 10 hours). It was exciting getting out tickets and knowing in a couple of hours we would be almost half way around the world. We had breakfast with my mom & dad and just wiled away the hours till our flight finally left.

About 30 minutes before boarding we checked in and then had to wait till our flight was called. We ended up sitting next to a couple who were also going on honeymoon to Thailand and who had gotten married the same day as us in the Royal Hotel in Riebeek West. What a small world *smile*. Our Malaysian Air plane arrived and we marvelled at how huge was (Bowing 747-400). I was so excited for Rudi’s part as he’d never gone overseas. The crew also showed up and we were both fascinated at how well groomed all the stewardesses were with their perfect hair and make-up.

{Nightfall over the Indian Ocean}

Finally it was time to board. As we walked onto the plane we passed 1st class. How I wish we could afford that! Our seats were quite nice and it helped that we each had a tv monitor mounted in the seat in front of us with a wide selection of movies and tv shows. We first had to fly from Cape Town to Joburg, where we had a 1 hour stop and then it was off to Kuala Lumpur. The flight took 9 hours and we didn’t really get any sleep as we’d left Cape Town at 10am and because we were flying into the night it was already dark outside and “time to sleep” by 4 that afternoon. Jet lag here we come!

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