Sunday, April 3, 2011

what a busy week - the move

Wow, this week was crazy. We packed, moved and unpacked and now I'm officially smashed.

Last weekend we were supposed to start moving, but due to some unfinished business on our builders side the house wasn't 100% so we opted to let them finish everything on Monday before we moved in. So what was going to be a very hectic weekend turned into a great breather, with us doing very little but packing the last few things and going for a leisurely breakfast and a walk around Hout Bay Harbour on Sunday morning. Not moving over the weekend turned into a really blessing as we could just relax a little (for the first time is a long while) and gather our strength for the week ahead.

{Our old place all packed up}

The move went very well and in the last 4 days we've managed to unpack everything and get our house in order. It was great and I realised that we, in fact, don't have that much stuff so it was much easier than expected. I'm going to try to keep it this way by only having things that are useful or beautiful.

{Our stuff in our new house}

I can't believe we are finally in our own little house. I'm smitten! It's so much bigger than we thought (all our furniture fits in perfectly with space to spare) and it's so pretty! I think it will take a while for it to sink in that we actually own our own home. We are so greatful and blessed.

{Our first cup of tea and a very tired dog}

More photos to come :)

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