Wednesday, July 20, 2011

iphone photo apps

As I mentioned in a previous post, the minute I got my iPhone I downloaded a bunch of photo manipulation apps. Some are great and some are so so. My favourite is

Classic TOY

I stumbled across the free version by accident and then loved it so much I bought the full version for $1.99, which was totally worth it. This little app gives you 17 different film settings, each with 3 different variations (Original, Supertoy & Grunge) and 11 different lenses. The two photos at the top were taken with the Mikkers and Shinoks Edition lens. I've only started to experiment with this, but it's very fun.

I also bought Hipstamatic after seeing that it is the top selling photo app, but I must admit that I'm very disappointed in it after using Classic TOY. The full version doesn't give you half as many lenses or films and each one comes with a cryptic hipster style info section that doesn't explain anything about the item. In comparison, Classic TOY gives a brief, but informative explanation about each thing in your camera bag. You also have to pay an additional $0.99 for new hipster packs, which usually consist of one new lens and a couple of films. Hipstermatic feels like it  is really just for those people out there who think they are too cool for school. I'm not even going to bother posting a pic.

I then also got Tilt Shift Generator which creates the same miniature effect in your photos that a tilt shift lens does. It's fun and super easy to use and just a bit of creative fluff.

I also picked up Label Box, which lets you add cute labels onto your photos and Instagram, a great free app with different photo effects and frames.

If you want some more control over your iPhone camera, I suggest getting Camera+, which turns your iPhone into a mini SLR (sort of). You can adjust focal points, switch on the stabiliser and in the editing more you have a lot of cool options, from white balance, crop and adjustment to effects and borders. This is definitely a  worthwhile app for $0.99.

If you have any cool photo apps worth trying, just let me know. I'd love to test them out :)


  1. Cool apps. I dont have an a Blackberry gal through and through. :)


  2. Haven't every had a Blackberry, but I hear they are pretty cool too :)