Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rudi's 30th

{the food}

Lots of chocolate cake was the order of the day, with cream cheese frosting and chocolate moose filling. I've been dying to try the whole cake in a consol jar thing and it worked quite well. I also attempted my first batch of lasagne (with lots of help from some good friends and panic stricken phone calls when the white sauce was too runny). The key to good lasagne is Samara's amazing bolognese sauce that cooks for about 4 hours. So worth the trouble.

{the present}

Everyone pitched in to get Rudi a really stunning acoustic guitar. He was over the moon and hasn't been able to put it down. I also got him a custom engraved plectrum from Thula jewellery and it's stunning

{the birthday boy}

He was very brave and gave the friends a good rendition of Nothing Else Matters. Here he is playing for my mom and dad. He makes my knees go weak when he picks up that guitar. Nothing hotter than a man that can play an instrument.

{the venue}

Friday was the big birthday dinner with all our friends, but his birthday was on a Tuesday and I couldn't do nothing for that evening, so off we went to The 5 Flies restaurant. It was absolutely superb! The restaurant is in one of the old buildings in Keerom street and they have done an amazing job converting the space into a cozy and romantic space. We had Char-grilled rib eye steak on potato puree, buttered spinach and wild mushrooms with blue cheese rarebit and sweet thyme jus. The food was to die for! I can't wait to go back.

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