Saturday, June 19, 2010

hot chocolate and cake on the beach, and a new resolution

Lately I've been feeling that my life has been all work and no play, and it's definitely making me a dull (and moody) girl. When people hear that I work for myself the first question they always ask is how do I stay motivated to work when I could just laze around at home. Well, I wish that was my problem. No, I don’t' laze around (if only!), I work way too much.

You can often find Rudi and I, first thing in the morning, barely awake, or last thing at night, just before bed, in front of our pcs. You quickly realize as a freelancer that the more you laze around the less you get paid. No money in the bank is a very good motivator to sit yourself down and do some work. But, unfortunately, it's also way too easy to get stuck into a pattern of working all the time.

I've reached a stage that I work most evenings and weekends now and it has to stop! I need to time manage better, but unlike some people my problem is not procrastinating till the last minute and then having to cram everything in, no, I feel that the minute I get work in I have to try to have it finished and back to the client asap. It's not a good way to work.

So this week I made the decision to plan my workflow better so that I have enough time to work on all the projects in studio, but also have time to actually have a life. So this plan kicked into effect yesterday afternoon. Rudi and I decided to go have some cake at a little place on blouberg beach after work. 4:30 we stopped working, got in our car and drove down to the beach. When we got to the coffee shop we were informed that they were just about to close. Not letting that put us off we ordered some take-away hot chocolate and cake and went to sit on one of the benches by the beach. It actually turned out to be so much nicer than sitting in the shop and it was an absolutely stunning afternoon with no wind and a beautiful sunset.

So here's so many more fun excursions and a little less work...

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