Friday, July 16, 2010

airstream studio

Rudi and I have been debating about how, one day when we buy a house, we're going to structure our working and home environment. Working from home is great, but we tend to not be able to get away from our pcs and I often envy people who can leave work at work and just relax at home. We think our best solution would be to have a flat or room in our garden that's not connected directly to the house and that we can lock up come 5 o'clock and not think about till the next morning.

I found this great airstream studio on design*sponge, and while it would probably never work here in SA (the things are too expensive to import from America and a caravan just doesn't have the same effect), it's a creative and very funky solution to our problem.

Check out the before and afters here

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