Sunday, July 4, 2010

new home sweet home

This week has been a bit crazy. We moved into a new place on Thursday so it was just boxes and numerous car trips from our old place to the new one and unpacking, unpacking, unpacking. It went well actually and wasn't half as hectic as our move from Pretoria to Cape Town, but I really hope we don't have to move any time soon. And hopefully our next move is into a house that we actually own and aren't just renting.

{a place of honour for our extra special wedding gift}

Our little place is very nice and very sunny, which is a big plus (as our old place didn't get any sun). We've finally finished unpacking, everything is in it's place and now it actually feels like home. I think the dogs are having more fun than we are because the garden is double the size of the old one.


On Thursday evening, after a very tiring day, Wiehan and Anje popped in with supper. We were so grateful and don't you just love the message on the lasagna.

Now hopefully our lives can get back to normal after a very busy 1st half of the year.

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