Tuesday, February 1, 2011

burgers & vensters

{I'm obsessed with taking photos of doors}

Last Thursday evening Rudi and I went off to Stellenbosch so that I could show him what it was like to be a first year there. We went to watch Vensters, which is basically an evening where all the girls and boys hostels put on plays outside in the street. I was a 1st year 10 years ago (scary) and it was so funny to see how everything have changed, but also still staid the same.

{Jack & lime & yummy green fig & blue cheese burgers. Best is they were 40% off}

We got to Stellenbosch early in the afternoon (as I had a work thing to do), so before the activities began we walked around, had some supper and took some photos.

{Ice-cream - this is the same make as that at our wedding. It's the best}

{beautiful blues}

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  1. hello again. :)
    I know i sound like a stuck record, but your photo's are stunning.
    (btw - i love taking photo's of doors too...and clouds - my husband thinks I am crazy!) LOL