Friday, February 4, 2011

photography books

I was lucky enough to get a Exclusive Books voucher from my mom and I've been searching the last two months for a decent book to spend it on. Seeing I have a kindle I wanted to get something that I couldn't read on that. After much debate I settled on the two above.  

The complete guide to Light & Lighting is wonderful as this I feel is one of the aspects of photography that I really need help with. It covers almost everything, from the different kinds of natural lighting, to studio lighting and even a whole section on lighting correction in photoshop.

The other book, 50 Photo Projects, is just a little something to give me inspiration. As it says on the blurb it gives you a "new creative avenues to explore {and} shows you how to break our of your comfort zone and try something new. I'm dying to start on some of these.

Here's to lots of hours of photography!

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