Thursday, March 24, 2011

i want a make-over

It must be the change of season, but I really really want a style make-over. Since I've been working from home my style has changed drastically from quite chic and corporate to much more casual and laid back. I enjoy the comfort, but I really want to find some items that still make me feel like I've put in some extra effort.

I love all 4 of the above looks and they don't seem too hard to copy. The skinny jeans I could never pull off, but I love that green coat and all I want is a beautiful yellow dress. Now if I could only find what I'm looking for in the shops :P


  1. That green coat is so good! Also, the last outfit is beautiful. Good luck then!

  2. Thanks M. I only wish I had the money to buy some new items, but with the new house there is no extra cash to go around :P. I'll just have to wait a while

  3. I always say that clothes and shoes are an investment! Pity, you can't invest right now, but since there's a "higher cause" it's ok. I'm sure that once you'll have to decorate the new house you'll think less and less about clothes!