Sunday, June 12, 2011

garden ideas

Well, we've finally planted something in our garden... 4 little olive trees that my mom and dad gave Rudi for his birthday. It's so nice to see them there and to get the feeling that we are actually going to get somewhere with our plans. But, we have realised that winter is probably not the best time to start planting new little green things and so we'll keep researching ideas, but wait for spring before we actually do anything. We anyway need to sort some paving out in the garden and would like to put in sprinklers before we do anything else. We're still looking for cool ideas though and here are some


  1. The long grass in the big planters are really cool.
    The tealight candles in the glass jars work really well.


  2. I really love the grass in the pots. I'll just have so find some nice pots that don't cost a fortune.