Thursday, August 11, 2011

lust have: woolies knitted blanket

Aah, you have to love half price end of season sales. I've been eyeing this chunky knitted blanket at woolies since it first appeared in stores at the beginning of winter. I was dying to buy it, but wasn't willing to part with the amount of money that they wanted (woolworths can be outrageous sometimes). So I decided to bide my time and see if it would go on sale at the end of winter. And low and behold, on Wednesday when I popped into woolworths it was on sale, and for 50% off. So I snapped it up in a second. Its warm and cuddly and oh so pretty. I now spend all day cuddled up in it in front of my pc. Such a good buy :)


  1. I just love Woolies everything..

    they have some really awesome scatter cushions at the moment aswell.
    not to mention the mugs. Oh my goodness, everything is just fabulous ♥

  2. I know what you mean!

    I've resisted getting a store card there because I don't know how I would restrain myself. I've just bought some amazing summer dresses there too (the twist range is great) and a while back I bought the most stunning cups.

    Woolies is my downfall :)

  3. Hello, my name is Dianne and I am a Woolies addict. :)

    Ditto on the "not having a store card" comment.


  4. I should ban myself from going in there. I'm busy doing my tax and working out what I spend every month at different places and it's not good. Woolies get's way to much money from me.