Tuesday, February 21, 2012

i'm a biker chick now :)

So, for as long as we've been together Rudi has talked about getting bikes one day, teaching me to ride and then touring around the country on them. We were going to start off small and after I wrote my learners licence (which is Tuesday and I haven't really studied, but hope I get through on common sense. It is just the road signs after all and I've been driving for 11 years already, right?!?) we were going to get a little 180cc bike to get started with. That plan got totally vetoed when my aunt let me know she was selling her 650GS BMW (and at such a steal!). I always joked that if she ever sold it we'd buy it, but I didn't imagine it happening now. So, after much umming and aahing we took the plunge and bought it. I still have to start on something smaller (I'm going to go to a proper riding school), but I can't wait to be confident enough to take out new baby out for a spin. For now I'll be content to sit behind Rudi and enjoy the scenery. Now just to find some cool biker gear :D

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