Sunday, February 26, 2012


Anje and Wiehan invited us out for breakfast yesterday morning, so we trundled off to Willow Bridge for a relaxed time of good food and slow market fair. Anje said she'd seen a very cute little place she was dying to try and so we plopped ourselves down in Pulp Kitchen & Deli. We were very please with her selection and will definitely be visiting there much more. The setting was darling, the service was wonderful!!! (which is something that is lacking in many a SA restaurant) and the food was divine. I had a breakfast wrap and it was so refreshing to get a normal sized plate of food. I'm tired of these American sizes that places are serving these days. And I must say those were the best scrambled eggs I've ever had!

I love quirky little place and Pulp ticked all my boxes. Interesting d├ęcor, a cute and sassy menu, that features good design and totally inspired item names like "what's your beef?" burger, and a great atmosphere. I highly recommend going to check this gem out.

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