Tuesday, April 17, 2012

hunger games

I finally got to watch The Hunger Games on Friday, after long months of waiting in anticipation. Movies are rarely as good as the books, but knowing this I always going into the cinema with an open mind and I truly enjoyed this movie. They didn't leave anything major out, though they obviously couldn't portray the character in as much depth as you get in the books, but I didn't feel like they were constantly leaving large chunks of the story out (like I've felt with each Harry Potter). I love Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and it's so refreshing to see a strong female character of her age (especially after all the Belle rubbish in Twilight). She's also not portrayed as picture perfect the whole time and this girl actually has curves. Very refreshing.
I now can't wait for the next two movies. Catch Fire is apparently out next November. What a long time to wait :P


  1. Loved the book - cannot wait to go see the movie. Did you read all 3 books? I have only read Hunger Games so far.


  2. I did read all three and they're all good.