Sunday, March 21, 2010

crocs: are they evil or are they a little piece of heaven for your feet

I was always one of those people that believed that crocs should never be worn out in public, under any circumstance. I would look at those around me wearing those hideous pieces of footwear, sometimes decorating them with little butterfly's and flowers, and wonder "even if they are supposed to be so unbelievably comfortable, who would want to be seen dead in something that looks like it belongs in a old age home or hospital?".

But then crocs got with the program and actually came out with something that I would proudly wear. And after umming and ahing about buying them for more than a year now (because even though they are really cute, they are still crocs) I finally got myself a pair yesterday. And yes, they are unbelievably comfortable... and at least these are also cute.

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