Monday, March 15, 2010

lust haves

There are a few things that I am coveting at the moment. The first is new decor for our bedroom. Isn't this beautiful? It comes from an American company called Amenity, but with the duvets costing somewhere between $20 and $30 I'll never own one of these lovely sets. I also don't really have any spare cash to work on decor projects, with the wedding just around the corner, but I really want to try and do something about our room and soon, as I believe that a bedroom should be a sanctuary and it should be filled with beautiful things and luxurious fabrics to make you feel at peace.

The second is a new hairstyle. I've been growing my hair out for the wedding, but I am so sick of it I can't wait to cut it. I've decided on a bob and I'll be cutting it the week after our wedding. It's going to be so nice not having to deal with my mop of hair

And the third thing is some furniture from Mokki. I know that their furniture is for kids and teenagers, but I love their use of colour and their desks and drawers are just so great. Maybe one day I'll be able to buy some for our office.

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