Wednesday, March 10, 2010

rest & relaxation in betty's bay

Betty's at sunset
{view from the stoep}

Rudi and I had the best weekend filled with a lot of sleep, reading in bed and not doing much else. We left for our weekend away at lunch time on Friday and took the scenic route. When we got to our guest house we sat on the stoep and drank lots of really good red wine (Robert's Rock). We then went out for supper at the Whaling Station just down the road, drank some more red wine, ate great seafood and chatted away.

The view from our room
{view from our bed}

On Saturday we woke up pretty early, but we decided to stay in bed and read. So we opened the curtains and the sliding door that looks our onto the sea and spent the rest of the morning in bed. What bliss!


Saturday afternoon we took a walk on the beach and then it was back to the guesthouse. We had a braai and watched the sun go down and when the wind came up we grabbed out nice down duvet, cuddled up under it together and watched the stars.

Betty's Bay 2
{Pringle Bay}

Sunday on our way back home we stopped in at Pringle Bay and saw this amazing house. I just love it! I'd like to see what it look like inside and how it looks with the shutters open.

Cube House

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and we'll definitely do it again soon.

{Romanza Self Catering Guest House}

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