Tuesday, May 4, 2010

wedding gifts

{beautiful teapot from Louise, Daniel and Lily}

For our wedding we asked that instead of people giving gifts we would prefer money. I know this "is not done", but practically we really didn't need any more home stuff as we've been living together for more than two years so we have almost everything. Most people were very obliging and we are very grateful to them as the money went towards making our honeymoon great.

There were a few close friends and family that did buy us some things and we absolutely loved what we got, as they know us well enough to get us the perfect gifts. Thanks so much to everyone, you're all stars.

{amazing illustration done by Wiehan & Anje}

{cute dog salt & pepper shakers from Louise, Daniel & Lily}

{stunning bowl from Leonor}

{the perfect balloon wine glasses from Samara}

{another stunning carol boyes bowl with salad spoons}

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