Wednesday, May 5, 2010

thailand treasure

Thailand really was amazing and I can't believe that we were actually lucky enough to be able to go there. I'd definitely go back, not just for the beautiful scenery and the interesting culture, but also for the shopping! We didn't get to do nearly enough of it, mostly because the trip had already cost us quite a bit and I couldn't justify spending any more cash. But we did pick up a couple of treasures and here are just a few of my favourites.

{beautiful photographs that we found in Patong - I framed them when we got back}

{cute dragon - Rudi bought this for me in Kuala Lumpur airport on our way to Thailand}

{ceramic wind chime - bought in Ao Nang}

{Wall-e - bought in the biggest electronics store I've ever seen in KL. It was all we could afford after blowing the last of our money on the next item}

{Canon Kiss X3 / 500D :D}

{Red Twin Dooodoll - Rudi bought this for me while we were waiting around in KL airport for our connection back home. It really was handy as a pillow when I got tired from waiting for our 1:30am flight}

{Betsie's not quite sure about this strange thing}

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