Friday, October 29, 2010

my birthday week

I've been very lazy to blog this week, but I can't feel too bad as it was my birthday on Wednesday and I took the week off so I tried to stay as far away from my laptop as possible (which is much harder than I'd expected). I was also sick some of the week so my energy levels have been a little low. I have a stack of things I've been meaning to blog about and I've got tons of tabs open in FireFox that have cute pics or interesting designers, so I'll just have to try and catch up soon.

{we took a bit of a dive around camps bay before lunch - what a beautiful day}

I got totally spoilt this week by my amazing hubby. Besides my kindle, he sent me for an amazing spa treatment on Tuesday and then took me out for lunch at Tank on Wednesday. I also got beautiful flowers from my mom and family and some money to buy more kindle books. Yay!

{Cape Quarters}

{me working that red lipstick and enjoying a cosmo}

{Yummy food. Tank's sushi is great, but the pasta Rudi had was just as awesome}

{Pretty flowers}

All in all it was a great birthday :)

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  1. Oh, Happy Happy Happy Birthday (it seems that you have such a great time without any wishes!!!). Well, it's kinda weird to me, I mean, I never know what to wish to others. Some times I want to sound funny and I actually soung mocking or sarcastic!
    Anyway, I hope you continue being creative, in this blog and in your job and in your life.
    I hope you will always be happy Natalie!

    P.s That red lipstic looks so well on you. Really. It's such a funky colour. And if you don't mind me saying, it maches lovely with the cardigan.