Monday, January 24, 2011

my next {hopefully} big thing

I have a new bee in my bonnet. Well, actually, it's been there a while, buzzing around quietly, making wish and dreams and plans. You see, I desperately want to get into photography, and more to the point, develop my skills to such a degree that I can one day make a living out of it. This bug bit after searching for a wedding photographer last year and seeing what amazing work they do. It look like a lot of hard work, but also just as much fun. And after meeting and having our photos taken by the wonderful Lizelle Lotter, I'm even more convinced that it could be an amazing career.

Not that I don't enjoy what I'm doing now. I love design! But I also can't see myself doing it for the rest of my life. It's stressful and, because of the kind of person I am (read people pleaser and perfectionist), it tends to take up more of my time than anything else.

So, I dream of one day riding around the countryside (or beach side or vineyards) taking beautiful photos of happy, joyous, in love, alive and vibrant people. Doesn't that just sound wonderful.

To further my cause I've started to do a lot of research into photography and therefore I'm sure you'll be seeing more of that sort of thing on my blog. I'll be posting some great photographers, some photos I find inspiring, that kind of thing. And hopefully, in some way or another, this will help me get that little bit closer to becoming a professional photographer.

ps: If you're brave and want to be volunteer as one of my models let me know. You might just get some nice photos out of it :)


  1. Natalie, your photo's are stunning so I dont see any difficulty in you becoming an amazing wedding photographer.

    Keep up the good work and make your dreams a reality.


  2. Wow, thanks Dianne :). That's such a great compliment and so wonderful to hear!