Tuesday, January 18, 2011

our holiday: new year in colesberg

I never thought I'd be a girl who likes vacationing in a small town, especially on out in the middle of nowhere, like Colesberg. But it exactly the fact that there really isn't much to do but sit around and relax that makes it so great. I said to Rudi that December just doesn't feel like a holiday anymore without a trip to his dad.

As has become our little tradition, Rudi, his dad and I went out to the Gariep Dam for breakfast on morning and then went off to take some photos of the dam overflowing. It's quite a site to see that much water cascading over such a drop.

I had a bit of an impromptu photo shoot with Rudi's 11 year old Jack Russel, Happy. We tried, but couldn't come close to being as lazy as she was.


  1. :) I try.

    I'm on a real photography kick right now. I'm hoping that one day I can put it to some good use, but I'll have to get into portrait photography to make any real money