Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Archer Hairline: Emotional, Understated, Progressive & Disciplined

Archer Hairline

I just took this very cool test that I found on How About Orange's blog. It says that my personality is matched to the font Archer Hairline. I've never seen this typeface before, but I am absolutely in love with it now and I'm searching for it everywhere. It is exactly my kind of font: thin, simple, with something just a little different.

I'm sure it's only designers that can go so gaga over things like fonts and paper, but they make me so happy:)


  1. It's funny - I was matched up with New Font (I think that's what it's called) but I absolutely love Archer Hairline as well! Go figure :)

  2. I just took this quiz and got the Archer Hairline as well. Like you, I hadn't seen it before, but really like it. Seems traditional at first glance, but the anchors give that bit of something special. Have you read the description of it by the designer? Lovely.

  3. I was matched to this and just so happy with it. beautiful typeface. but not come across it before.