Thursday, January 7, 2010

My 1st craft project for the year

Buttons & Pegs

Ok, so this is really small and simple, but I'm so proud of myself for actually doing something crafty yesterday. I recently went to an amazing scrap booking store and went crazy on all the buttons (have I mentioned they are my new obsession?). Anyway, they've been lying around just begging to be used for something. On Monday I bought this great wall calender from Flowermill (I absolutely LOVE their stuff) and I wanted to put it up in our newly revamped office, but I just hate using any sort of glue or prestik on something so pretty because sooner or later it will leave a mark. So I decided to use some pegs (for want of something better) to put it up and then decided that they needed some sprucing up. So... tada... these were created.

Flowermill Calender

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