Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dinner at Fiesta, Cape Quarter

Rudi and I had a wonderful dinner last night with one of my varsity friends at the Cape Quarter. What a great place, we'll definitely go back. There is such a nice vibe and the area is so beautiful and interesting. I desperately want to grab my camera, head over there and take some photos of the buildings. There's also a sushi bar that I'm dying to try.

We also spotted this beauty in the parking lot.


I adore vintage cars and would give anything to own one, even if I probably couldn't afford to fill it up with all the gas they guzzle. But one can dream...

We've actually been very busy so far this week. Sunday we went out with friends for cocktails to celebrate 3 months to the wedding. Tuesday we went out for super and a movie (Sherlock Holmes - good, but nothings going to impress me for a while after seeing Avatar). Super at Fiesta last night. And tonight we're having friends over for super. Busy, busy.

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