Wednesday, August 25, 2010

90s flashbacks

For what ever reason Rudi and I ended up listening to Bon Jovi the whole day. And not the new stuff. No, we were rocking it out to Crossroads & These Days. Geez, these songs bring back memories  and generally just make me feel awesome (Barney style).

Just a thought though, I haven't listened to these songs in about 15 years, but I still seem to remember all the words to each one. There must be a special spot in your brain where music lyrics get put for safe keeping :)


  1. It's a funny little thing our memory, how it works. I can perfectly remember the lyrics of songs that I used to sing when I was like 6 years old! I Love Celine Dion!!!!!

  2. :) Just getting flashbacks of slumber parties and belting out "My heart will go on" with my friends. Very embarrassing.

  3. Not at all! I did that too! Well, dont' think at it as embarassing, consider it a funny memory. Such things are what I call "The things I'm gonna remember when I'm 70 years old and feel nostalgic about the past"