Wednesday, August 25, 2010

as requested... my wedding dress :)

{look, I'm a model *grin*. That dress really made me feel like a princess}

{Aah, my veil. Pity I forgot to put it over my head before I walked down the aisle}

{My dad and I having a good chuckle about something before walking down the aisle}

{Just so you can see a little of the detail}


  1. Damn I'm the luckiest guy ever to have such a gorgeous wife! whoohoooo!!!

  2. he, he! You look so cute! Gongrats, by the way!

  3. Thanks :). I can't believe it's all over. It's a pity that you plan for something for so long and then it's over in a flash. But it's a day I'll never forget.