Tuesday, August 24, 2010

wedding dresses with the wow factor

Why, might you ask, am I looking at wedding dresses when my wedding is already almost 5 months past. Maybe it's that I'm getting "wedding planning" withdrawals, after all I did spend more than a year collecting pictures off the net, scouring wedding expos and generally planning for the big day.

Well, the actual reason for this post is simply that I happened to see this amazing wedding dress by Justin Alexander while browsing some sites today and I couldn't resist posting it. I think it's an absolutely amazing dress, though I'm not sure that I'd ever wear it as it's just so over the top.

And then I remembered this dress...

It was one of the dresses I absolutely loved when I was searching for my dress. All that material and the way it falls... heavenly. But very impractical. It would have never worked with Rudi and my very relaxed, morning, outdoor wedding.

Looking back on some of the dresses I tried on and some of the styles I liked I can definitely say that the dress I chose in the end was just perfect in every way and I wouldn't change it now for the world.


  1. The bad thing about wedding dresses is that there are so many great ones and it's hard to pick! The first is awsome, but I don't think I could ever wear it and the second is sooooo romantic it makes me wanna get married! Or maybe it's just how it is set for the photo...

  2. OK, now show us your dress Natalie!!

  3. Ok, but you asked for it :). Don't blame me if I get carried away and post 100 photos. Check out my next post to see my dress