Monday, August 16, 2010

some cocktails, some shooters and lots of fun

{the ingredients & snacks}

Rudi and I are really not big drinkers by any means. We always laugh at the fact that we'll open a bottle of red wine in one evening and then 2 weeks later it's still not finished. We do enjoy the occasional cocktail and we recently bought a little cocktail recipe book, at a second had book store, that we've been dying to try for a while. So Friday night we went to stock up on some ingredients, invited some friend round and tried our hand at making our own cocktails.

Besides that fact that the only cocktail glasses we own are for margaritas (which we didn't make) and know nothing about mixing drinks the evening was a great success. Maybe too great, as we got carried away (and by we I mean Rudi) trying out new cocktails and shooter combos. Next time we'll probably just stick to two cocktails and leave the shooters out of the mix completely ;)

{blue lagoons}


{the dogs looking curious  |  Rudi's 1st attempt at shooters}

{Rudi's 2nd & 3rd attempt at shooters  |  they were actually very nice}

{the dogs looking worried  |  chocolate martinis - these were the best}

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