Thursday, May 12, 2011


{before and (hopefully) after}

As I'm sure you've noticed from my previous posts today I'm not all that in the mood to write anything, mostly because I'm tired and feel like my brain is shutting down. It's been a long week with tons of work, but what's new. I'm sure you're just as happy the weekend is almost here.

I have a bunch of things that I want to do in the house this weekend and at the top of my list is cleaning, sanding and painting the shutters I found on my expedition to Salt River last weekend (the white grubby ones pictured above. Hopefully they end up looking like the ones on the right, but just in a brighter colour). We'll see how far I get :)

Another great find from the shops in Salt River is this little stool made out of sleepers. It's my new favourite piece of furniture in the house.

In other exciting news (well exciting to me) is that I splurged and ordered my very own Kate Spade bangle (like the one pictured at the top here). I don't usually buy stuff like this on impulse as I suffer from major buyers remorse, but my hubby convinced my that I deserve it. It should be delivered sometime next week. I can't wait!

Anyway, here's to the weekend :)


  1. Lucky girl - please post a pic of you wearing the bracelet when you get it.
    How far did you get with the cleaning, sanding and painting of the shutters?


  2. I feel so guilty for buying it :D. I never splurge on stuff like that. I will definitely post a pic when I get it. Should be here by Thursday.

    I started on the shutters, but they have old screws and nails in them that are rusty and stripped so I couldn't get them out and therefore didn't get very far. I'll have to ask my dad, who is a handy man of note, to help with that. I did clean out our garage though so I feel I accomplished something :)