Sunday, May 1, 2011

the easter break

Wow, I don't know where the last 9 days have gone! All these holidays have completely thrown me off, but after tomorrow it's all back to normal. Whether that is a good or bad thing... I don't know yet.

It was a pretty quite break here in the van der Walt household. I did a photo shoot with my uncle (photos to come), went to super at the Chapman's Peak Hotel (above photos), spent some time with my family over Easter, went to watch a comedy show at the Purple Turtle in Long Street (will definitely do that again soon),  did some work during the week (not everyone was lucky enough to be on leave), walked around Stellenbosch in the freezing cold (it had actually snowed on the mountains) and had a pajama breakfast with our good friends. The rest of the time was spent watching tv, reading or working.

It was a good break and I feel more rested, but have a ton of things to do for work so even though tomorrow is another public holiday I'll be spending it in front of my pc.

What did you get up to?

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