Friday, May 27, 2011

the next big challange

Well, now that our house is 99% sorted it's time to tackle our garden. For someone who has the worst black thumbs imaginable (the complete opposite of green thumbs) this is a terrifying prospect. The only plants I am able to keep alive are cacti, because you can forget about them for months and they still hang in there. Even the plants I diligently look after I kill. Anyway, we have to do something out there so now I'm scouring the Internet for ideas. I love the ones in the above pictures and I think that if I could have a succulent garden that would be the best.


  1. LOVE the idea of a succulent garden. I have just planted some in mine and you can literally just plant them and forget about them.

    (i am sure you haven't killed all your plants?!)


  2. We went to browse the plants at our local nursery on Sunday and have tons of good ideas now. We'll also be getting help picking the right plants from a guy there. I can't wait to start, but now the weather has decided to turn bad :P