Monday, May 16, 2011

it's sooooo pretty!

Aah, you have to love I ordered my Kate Spade Idiom bangle on Thursday and was only expecting it in a week, but this afternoon there was a knock on our door and there stood the DHL guy :).

It's prettier in real life that what I was expecting and I've been bouncing around with glee since I opened it. I like this me to me present idea and should definitely do it more often.


  1. Ow wow...Amazon is fast! And that bracelet is SO pretty - lucky girl you.


  2. Amazon is super fast. The shipping is just crazy expensive and being in SA we can't choose a lower rate/slower shipping method as they don't allow it anymore as lots of stuff was being stolen by the post office :P.

    Anyway, I'm very pleased with my new purchase.