Wednesday, January 4, 2012

diy chocolate :)

 This made me smile. I am a complete chocoholic so I love these modular chocolates that you can add your own ingredients to. Brilliant. Check it out here. Also, check out the rest of this site as it features super cool art, design and illustration.


  1.!! This would kill me. I have decided to go cold turkey on the chocolate this year, so this is seriously killing me just looking at it.

    From another chocoholic

  2. I definitely have a problem when it comes to chocolate, but Rudi and I went on a weight loss challenge at the beginning of September and I promised myself I would be good and didn't eat any chocolate for a month. This coming from someone who could finish a slab a day. Now I don't crave it that much and if I really want some I only buy the good stuff and 70% cocoa, which is much better for you. Lindt is my fav