Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ok, so the above statement (which I laughed my head off at because it's so apt) is how I felt for most of November and December. Way tooo much work and not enough downtime turned me into a brainless little thing, and subsequently, nothing but work got done in my house, hence no blog posts. I'm determined to make up for that so hopefully I can create some balance in my life (my new years resolution!) and focus on more things that make me happy. One of which is my blog. So hopefully you'll be seeing more regular posts again. 

Ok, so you'll also probably see a few posted dated blog posts popping up. These were a few things that I wanted to document, but never got around to, so I'm just going to stick them where they belong in the time line :), so forgive the confusion.


  1. Yay! She's bbaacckk... :) Welcome back oh temporarily "brainless" one - you have been missed.


  2. Thanks D. I'm glad to be back and hopefully I'll stick to my new years resolution so that I have much more time for my own stuff :)