Sunday, January 8, 2012

jasper and george

My lovely brother and sister in-law have just gone into business for themselves making the most stunning furniture. I'm sure you've seen on my blog that I've been drooling over a pallet coffee table for quite a while and I now finally have one thanks to Ina and Heinrich. Go check out some of their other work on their blog or contact them if you have something specific in mind.


  1. I am now a follower of your blog and I absolutely love it. I am quickly becoming obsessed with palette furniture. If I could get my hands on one, do a little research for ideas and supplies, I could really do some damage lol. This blog is awesome.

  2. Thanks for the great compliments. It always makes me so happy if someone enjoys my silly ramblings.

    This pallet furniture is actually quite easy to put together (if you have some basic diy knowledge). My brother and sister in law buy their's super cheap from a pallet factory. Maybe google pallet factory in your area and you might find something.