Friday, May 28, 2010

upward facing dog - urdhva mukha svanasana

I've been going to yoga for about a month now (since we got back from honeymoon) and I must say that I'm absolutely loving it. I did yoga about 4 years ago, but while I was working for someone else it was always a problem to get there in time after work. Now that I'm working for myself I have the time to enjoy it again. I try to go at least 3 times a week and I'm succeeding so far, which for someone who really doesn't like exercise, is quite good. It's actually much more of a work out than most people think and it has the added benefit of really helping me with my stress levels. I saw this pic and finally understood why they call it "upward facing dog" :)

little boy's room

Rudi and I have now been married little over a month and a half and I'm glad to say no-one has yet asked the dreaded question of "So... when are you going to start trying for a baby". Never the less, it is something that we have discussed and I can't help feeling broody when I see cute things like the room above, done by kate dixon. I'm already hoping for a little boy one day, to terrorise me with his father and do all the little boy things with his grandfather. And I would love to create a fun, creative room like this. My dad, who can build anything, doesn't know it yet, but he's got a lot of working coming his way *grin*.

Found on design*sponge

Thursday, May 27, 2010

creative abc card

These abc cards were something design*sponge came up with to keep a family tradition alive. I think it's just so special. I'd love to start this with my family one day. Read more about it here.

Here's another take on it by ::Joy Ever After::

birthday wish list

Yes, I know... it's a bit early to be making a wish list with my birthday still 5 months away, but I just love this necklace from collect jewellery. So, if any one is already wondering about what to get me...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i want a dragon!

I finally got to watch "How to train your dragon" on friday night. It was so cute and funny and Toothless is adorable. I love how companies like dreamworks and pixar can make their characters come to life in such a unique way. I suppose owning a dragon is out of the question, but now I really want a kitty...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Spanish Donuts with Spiced Chocolate

I'm just finding scrumptious things to eat. Winter is going to be filled with good things to eat. Too bad nothing that tastes this yummy is good for your waist.

This is another recipe I'm absolutely going to try.

Check it out at Citrus and Candy

designer frosting

Aah! Two of my favourite things combined: cute design and yummy cupcakes. Check out Ticing to see all the fun designs. I wonder if there's any easy way to make your own?

cupcakes in a jar

Don't these just look divine. I am definitely going to try them soon. Check out the recipe here.

home sweet home

Things have been crazy for the last month, what with the wedding and honeymoon. And just when we got back we had to rush off again. But we're finally back in our little place and trying to get some work done.

I've got loads I want to blog about regarding the wedding and the honeymoon. I just need to find some time to get round to it.

Watch this space...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

thailand treasure

Thailand really was amazing and I can't believe that we were actually lucky enough to be able to go there. I'd definitely go back, not just for the beautiful scenery and the interesting culture, but also for the shopping! We didn't get to do nearly enough of it, mostly because the trip had already cost us quite a bit and I couldn't justify spending any more cash. But we did pick up a couple of treasures and here are just a few of my favourites.

{beautiful photographs that we found in Patong - I framed them when we got back}

{cute dragon - Rudi bought this for me in Kuala Lumpur airport on our way to Thailand}

{ceramic wind chime - bought in Ao Nang}

{Wall-e - bought in the biggest electronics store I've ever seen in KL. It was all we could afford after blowing the last of our money on the next item}

{Canon Kiss X3 / 500D :D}

{Red Twin Dooodoll - Rudi bought this for me while we were waiting around in KL airport for our connection back home. It really was handy as a pillow when I got tired from waiting for our 1:30am flight}

{Betsie's not quite sure about this strange thing}

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

wedding gifts

{beautiful teapot from Louise, Daniel and Lily}

For our wedding we asked that instead of people giving gifts we would prefer money. I know this "is not done", but practically we really didn't need any more home stuff as we've been living together for more than two years so we have almost everything. Most people were very obliging and we are very grateful to them as the money went towards making our honeymoon great.

There were a few close friends and family that did buy us some things and we absolutely loved what we got, as they know us well enough to get us the perfect gifts. Thanks so much to everyone, you're all stars.

{amazing illustration done by Wiehan & Anje}

{cute dog salt & pepper shakers from Louise, Daniel & Lily}

{stunning bowl from Leonor}

{the perfect balloon wine glasses from Samara}

{another stunning carol boyes bowl with salad spoons}

Saturday, May 1, 2010

riebeek valley olive festival 2010

To day we went off to Riebeek Kasteel for the Olive Festival. Unlike last year, which was rainy and very cold, it was a stunning day in the valley. It was lots of fun.

{great friends} 

{crafty stuff} 

{and good wine}