Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Awhile back I did a post about an SA artist who used mandalas in his painting and then I was lucky enough to receive a couple from my wonderful hubby (see them here). Since then I have been quite intrigued with the whole concept and have been dying to try making some of my own.

I haven't gotten round to that yet, like so many other things on my to do wish list, but I cam across these graphic version by designer Gunnar GĂ­slason. They are so beautiful and detailed. I really have to try something like this out in the not too distant future :)

rainy day

Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's warm and sunny outside and it feels like summer is on it's way. You just have to smile :)

etsy find: french macaroon ring in polymer clay

Isn't this just precious. It really looks good enough to eat.

Find it here

vinyl wall clocks

Aren't these just fabulous? They're vinyl wall clocks that you get in a kit and then you can stick them to your wall any which way you like.

I'd love to post the link here, but every time I try to go onto the site my anti-virus software gives me a warning about a trojan horse virus. So if you're looking for these clocks, the company's name is Artistik. Maybe if you google them you'll have more luck.

Friday, August 27, 2010

striped straws

Does anyone know where I can get straws like this in South Africa. I just love them!

1 year today

Today our dogs have been with us a year. Einstein is pretty much the same silly mutt, but Betsie has really come out of her shell since we got them from the Stellenbosch Animal Welfare Centre. If you're thinking of getting a dog I really recommend going to look at your nearest animal shelter. There are so many wonderful dogs who need a good home.

Betsie & Einstein, you make us crazy sometimes, but we couldn't live without you xxx

jewellery: naomi murrell

I came across Naomi's work the other day and just loved her bird design. As I'm sure every one's realised by now birds are very in at the moment, but these are just a little different.

Her print and fabrics are just as stunning. Go check out more of her stuff here.

2 of my favourite things

I dont' know about you, but I just love Star Wars and Calvin and Hobbes, so this illustration is just so funny and cute.

pastel delight

I think this photo from Jane Kovash just has the most beautiful colours. See more of her work here

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

etsy find: topography handcut cards

So simple, yet so beautiful. Yet another thing I'd like to try out myself.

Find it here

90s flashbacks

For what ever reason Rudi and I ended up listening to Bon Jovi the whole day. And not the new stuff. No, we were rocking it out to Crossroads & These Days. Geez, these songs bring back memories  and generally just make me feel awesome (Barney style).

Just a thought though, I haven't listened to these songs in about 15 years, but I still seem to remember all the words to each one. There must be a special spot in your brain where music lyrics get put for safe keeping :)

as requested... my wedding dress :)

{look, I'm a model *grin*. That dress really made me feel like a princess}

{Aah, my veil. Pity I forgot to put it over my head before I walked down the aisle}

{My dad and I having a good chuckle about something before walking down the aisle}

{Just so you can see a little of the detail}

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

wedding dresses with the wow factor

Why, might you ask, am I looking at wedding dresses when my wedding is already almost 5 months past. Maybe it's that I'm getting "wedding planning" withdrawals, after all I did spend more than a year collecting pictures off the net, scouring wedding expos and generally planning for the big day.

Well, the actual reason for this post is simply that I happened to see this amazing wedding dress by Justin Alexander while browsing some sites today and I couldn't resist posting it. I think it's an absolutely amazing dress, though I'm not sure that I'd ever wear it as it's just so over the top.

And then I remembered this dress...

It was one of the dresses I absolutely loved when I was searching for my dress. All that material and the way it falls... heavenly. But very impractical. It would have never worked with Rudi and my very relaxed, morning, outdoor wedding.

Looking back on some of the dresses I tried on and some of the styles I liked I can definitely say that the dress I chose in the end was just perfect in every way and I wouldn't change it now for the world.

Monday, August 23, 2010

papercut terrariums

The papercut terrariums from Helen Musselwhite are just beautiful.

an overdose of cute

just because I feel like it :)

brunch & the west coast

{brunch at La Cuccina - with more of that divine hot chocolate}

This weekend was pretty laid back. My father-in-law came to visit so we did some site seeing and just chilled.


{Parternoster beach}

{Fishing boats on Parternoster beach}

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

bunnies :)

Just a little something that made me smile.

I'm subscribed to a blog called The Daily Bunny and it is what the name says, a cute pic of a bunny each day. It's such a simple thing, but it makes me say Aaw! every time.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

designer showcase: Zim and Zoe

Name: Thomas and Lucie Thibault Zimmermann
Claim to fame: paper sculpture, installation & illustration 
Location: Nancy, France
Website: http://www.zimandzou.fr

designer showcase: Luke Elliott

Name: Luke Elliott
Claim to fame: Design
Location: Nottingham, England
Website: http://www.thisisluke.co.uk/