Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Our Garden

A before and after of our back garden. Quite an improvement I'd say. I'll post some new images soon as it's looking nicely established now.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

cute new things

From top to bottom and left to right:
beautiful country road frame with something I made in it
cute ceramic bunny from this year's Kamers Vol Geskenke
diy necklace holder I made
fragrance burner from The Body Shop (another b-day prezzy from my man)
ceramic bowls from this year's Kamers Vol Geskenke
gorgeous bamboo art

garden route holiday

Well, despite my hectic schedule, I did get to go on holiday with my hubby for my birthday. It was superb and a well deserved break (though I can't say I loved the mound of emails and work that was waiting for me when I got back). We went for a bit of a trip down the Garden Route and back and I must admit this area must be one of my favourites to visit in SA

First stop was Swellendam

Then of to Wilderness, with a lot of stops inbetween, including Mosselbay, Groot Brak and Glentana.

I've only ever driven through Wilderness and it was so nice to spend 2 days there. We stayed in the most stunning little self-catering place called The Wallow, and I can definitely recommend it for anyone looking for accommodation in that area. We spent our time driving around the area and exploring.

On our way to Tsitsikamma we found this cute little shop in Buffelsbaai.

Then it was off to the Tsitsikamma National Park. I have always loved it there, ever since I first went there with my parents when I was a child. We spent time walking some of the trails, lying around reading, staring at the see and just doing as little as possible.

And look at the beautiful earrings I got from my hubby for my birthday.

All in all it was a great trip and I think we should definitely make this a yearly affair :)

kitty kat

I want a kitty. Aren't these 4 just to cute?!? Wonder what my doggies would say though....

bad bad blogger

So, I've been a super bad blogger of late. And it doesn't look like  it will be improving any time soon :P. Let's just say, due to a crazy workload, I'm just can't spend another minute in front of a pc, even for my lovely blog. Most days, nights and weekends spent working will do that to you. But hopefully I'll get out of this work frenzy (hopefully sooner than later) and then the blogging fun can commence.

So, I just wanted to say hi and hope that this bought of bad blogging won't scare you away.

There are a few posts coming up, just to tied you over :)