Thursday, July 19, 2012

more yumminess from bread & butter

French toast with bacon, Camembert and syrup, the best hot chocolate ever and a biltong and scrambled egg croissant.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

designer showcase: Jolby

Name: Jolby
Claim to fame: Illustrations 
Location: Portland, Oregon

quirky jewellery

Funky quirky jewellery from Calourette

dream homes

How I would love one of these ultra modern homes. One day...

sparkly dress

In October I turn 30 and I have my heart set on going out somewhere swanky wearing a stunning sparkly dress. Any of the above options would do :)

designer showcase: loulou & tummie

Name: LouLou & Tummie
Claim to fame: Illustrations
Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands 

cup of love

With all the freezing weather we've been having I'm sure everyone is enjoying lots and lots of wonderful warm beverages. And so I thought why not show you a couple of the beautiful cups and mugs I've seen around the net lately.

From the top:
1. Scallop Cups from Maria Lintott Ceramics
3. Buddha Bowl from Vivaterra
4. Geometric cup from Sfera
5. Angel Cups from Stoopher & Boots

*the ones I haven't named I unfortunately don't have links for or don't know where they come from*

wacom bamboo

After an eternity of longing for one of these (or at least the last 10 years) I finally own my very own wacom tablet. I've used a cheaper tablet before, but it didn't even come close to my new Bamboo. It has touch functionality too. I'm really going to enjoy doing more illustrative work with this wonderful thing

Thursday, July 5, 2012

best design studio reception table ever

I stumbled across this amazing table while browsing the web. It sits in the reception of  the creative agency Boys and Girls. I couldn't believe it when I read that those balloons are actually real, are made of a special rubber composite that is completely air-tight and that they are in fact holding that table up all by themselves. Super amazing!

30 Things

The poster I designed for Rudi's birthday. Had lots of fun doing this.

macaroon rainbow



Perfect sentiment on a day like today.

Buy it here

black & white beauty

I'm loving these ultra modern black and white designs. The graphic feel it lends to each space is right down my ally. I'd love to have a house decorated like this. Maybe one day...