Thursday, July 22, 2010

walking on clouds

I just love these. I can't sow to save my life, but these look so simple even I could do it. Definitely something I want to try out.

Check out the full instructions here

designer showcase: chris bomley

Name:Chris Bomley
Claim to fame: Design & Illustration
Location: California

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sweet & beautiful

Good to look at and yummy to eat. What's not to like?

Mmm... now I'm feeling hungry

Sunday, July 18, 2010

chocolate shots in hout bay and alpacas in noordhoek

Yesterday we decided to go try out a little bistro in Hout Bay called La Cuccina. I'd been there for a meeting a while back and I'd been dying to try it out as the place had such a great atmosphere and the food looked yummy. Well, we weren't disappointed! The food was very yummy, wholesome and down to earth. The staff very friendly and the owner even sent us over a taste of their delectable hot chocolate shots when I ordered a Chai Latte and they were out.

{Left:70% Dark Hot chocolate, which I think is my new favourite as it's chocolaty, but not very sweet. Right: Hot Chocolate Shot... mmmm}

{Cakes and things to buy. We got a delicious Chicken & Mushroom Pie from their Deli section}

{Cupcakes, which I have to try next time}

Rudi and I decided that we liked the place so much that it would become our new Saturday/Sunday breakfast spot. We sat in the sun enjoying our meal and hot chocolate and feeling very relaxed and at peace with the world.

{Noordhoek beach}

After breakfast we decided to go for a drive along Chapman's and then stopped on the side of the road when we saw these funny creatures.

{Alpacas in Noordhoek}

Aren't they just so cute and fluffy?!? Alpacas are like a little bit like small lamas, but are bred especially for their woolly coat. They come from South America so it's interesting to see them here.

{A face only a mother could love}

Saturday, July 17, 2010

my new office

All the dreams I have for a stunning home office are unfortunately dampened by lack of space and money. Hopefully one day I will have the square meterage and the cash to create my perfect little haven for doing all m super duper creative work in. But, for now, I have to work with what I've got.

I can't be too negative though, as our new office in the new place we're renting is a major step up from the our old home office. I actually have light, a nice desk and some nice shelving above my laptop where I can display all my little nick-knacks and things that make me happy. We've only been here for 2 weeks and I'm sure with a little time and creativity I can take my little corner from good to great.

I even have a lovely rosemary bush outside my window with lovely little purple flowers *smile*. It really is a happy little place.

Friday, July 16, 2010

cowgirl cookies

I stumbled across this on the blog sphere and just thought it was so cute. What a great gift idea, not to mention that the cookies look absolutely scrumptious.

Get the recipe here

etsy find: bride and groom pea pod plush

Aren't these just adorable. Two little peas in a pod.

Check out the full collection from Mochi Studios here

dog's life

These beautiful shots are from photographer Sharon Montrose. I love how she captures the nature of each dog so well. They are all little doggie glamour shoots.

Check out the rest of her portfolio here

flower from my love

I received a beautiful bunch of flowers yesterday from my loving husband. Don't they just look divine :)

airstream studio

Rudi and I have been debating about how, one day when we buy a house, we're going to structure our working and home environment. Working from home is great, but we tend to not be able to get away from our pcs and I often envy people who can leave work at work and just relax at home. We think our best solution would be to have a flat or room in our garden that's not connected directly to the house and that we can lock up come 5 o'clock and not think about till the next morning.

I found this great airstream studio on design*sponge, and while it would probably never work here in SA (the things are too expensive to import from America and a caravan just doesn't have the same effect), it's a creative and very funky solution to our problem.

Check out the before and afters here

Friday, July 9, 2010

lovely chairs

Design*Sponge is one of the many great blogs that I follow. If I had to do a post about everything that I love off Grace Bonney's amazing blog it would be considerable. But these chairs just had to get a special post. I love, love, love them. See the before and info about these here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

paper type

I'm dying to try something like this. So simple, but so beautiful.

found here

Monday, July 5, 2010

button love

{button art}

{button cushion}

{button paperclips}

{button cookies}

{button notebook}

{button hairpins}

{button christmas tree decorations}

{button hangings}