Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm absolutely in love with beautiful ceramics at the moment, especially designs like these from Heath Ceramics with their simplicity and pop of colour. Maybe I should do a course to learn to make my own.

party time

I'd love to have a happy summer party just to be able to use these cute forks and spoons. From Pomme

chic candy

Beautifully made and packaged candy from Happy Lab


I love tulips and I got these from my amazing friends the other day. Aren't they stunning :)

something small for our guest room

bathroom makeover

Our guest bathroom was looking a bit dull and dreary, so I popped into Mr Price and collected a few things lying around the house, and, Voila, an instant updated look as a really reasonable price. Our bedroom is next on my hit list :)

button love

Yes, I still have a thing about buttons, so I thought I'd share these three cute button ideas with you. I'm not sure where the button wall hooks come from, but I'm sure with the right woodwork tools you could create these quite easily The button fridge magnets are from here and the push pins are from here.

hunger games

I finally got to watch The Hunger Games on Friday, after long months of waiting in anticipation. Movies are rarely as good as the books, but knowing this I always going into the cinema with an open mind and I truly enjoyed this movie. They didn't leave anything major out, though they obviously couldn't portray the character in as much depth as you get in the books, but I didn't feel like they were constantly leaving large chunks of the story out (like I've felt with each Harry Potter). I love Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss and it's so refreshing to see a strong female character of her age (especially after all the Belle rubbish in Twilight). She's also not portrayed as picture perfect the whole time and this girl actually has curves. Very refreshing.
I now can't wait for the next two movies. Catch Fire is apparently out next November. What a long time to wait :P

Way of The David

 Amazing posters by Ogilvy Singapore

etsy find: paper sculptures

From London Handmade

etsy find: ceramic architecture

 From Artisanie

etsy find: ombre tightis

From BZRshop

blissful living

Imagine having a house like this *sigh*

killer clutches

I'm loving these wooden clutches from Nada Sawaya

Hart of Dixie

I've found my latest TV obsession, Hart of Dixie. I love this show for it's light entertainment, minimal amount of over the top drama, a lead character that I adore and a story line that leaves you feeling good about the world and optimistic about the people in it. Rachel Bilson is adorable. I usually very much dislike the lead characters on most TV shows, especially the girls, but Zoe Hart is strong, sweet and funny.

And then there's Lemon Breeland's wardrobe... She's your typical Southern Bell, but the stylists have injected just the right amount of quirkiness to stop her look from being too old fashioned. I'm a bit dress lover and I would die to have a few of the ones that she wears. Here are some of my favourites.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

our 2 year anniversary

The 10th was Rudi and my 2 year wedding anniversary. I can't believe two years have already flown by so fast. To celebrate we went off to Sante Hotel & Spa for the evening. I bought a wonderful deal from Groupon last year and was saving it especially for this. Sante is a beautiful four start hotel situated just outside Paarl. We booked in and then were treated to a full body massage. We had dinner at the restaurant and then just spent the rest of our time relaxing.

Rudi, thank you so much for a wonderful 2 years of marriage xxx