Sunday, October 28, 2012

30th memories

{wonderful cake baked by my hubby}
{Lunch at Nitida}

{lots of presents. plus the lens I took all these photos with}

{yummy food}
{Cocktails at Wafu}

*yes, I'm back and my post are all so late. From September work was crazy and I didn't get a minute to myself and when the holidays rolled around and I had time to blog, which I really planned to do, I just couldn't face sitting in front of a pc for another minute. So it's a new year and I'll try again to keep up, but this year I'm not going to beat myself up about not being so great at keeping up with my blog. I want to enjoy it so I don't want to force thing. So I'm just going to have to make peace with blogging in drips and drabs 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

photography colour project - yellow

photography colour project - red


Just a few photos taken with my new 24-70mm Tamron lens

too pretty to eat

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live & love, love & live

pretty pin-up

Just a little illustration project I worked on for fun. I did something similar for a friends birthday, but wanted to try another pin-up, so I did this fro Rudi.

the palms market

Rudi and I happened to stumble across The Palms Market while on the hunt for a carpet. What a lucky and unexpected find. This little food market features a wide variety of “Fresh food from die Platteland” which all looks absolutely divine. What really fascinated me though was the old building. Dating back to the first quarter of the last century, it was the site of Cape Towns first bakery.  

headboard heaven

I've beene seeing the most beautiful headboards on pintrest and I so wanted something different for our room. I've looked in the shops, but nothing really caught my fancy. Luckly for me I have amaizingly talented family who could create just what I wanted. I've talked before about Ina and Heinrich, and their repurposed wood furniture business Jasper and George, and our wonderful new headboard is their latest project for us. It turned out just how I wanted and we've had so many complements on it.

If you've been dreaming of your own piece of custom furniture get hold of Jasper and George today.

Friday, October 12, 2012

the cutest animal alive

Meet the slow loris, an adorable primate species found in South and South East Asia. I though sloths were cute, but they have nothing on the slow loris. Look at those eyes, those chubby fingers and those stubby little ear. Too cute. And if you want to go aaaah! check out this video of one eating rice