Thursday, March 24, 2011

cute skunk

Not words you would usually hear together, but look how cute!

monique lhuillier

I just love these dresses by Monique Lhuillier, especially the first one

i want a make-over

It must be the change of season, but I really really want a style make-over. Since I've been working from home my style has changed drastically from quite chic and corporate to much more casual and laid back. I enjoy the comfort, but I really want to find some items that still make me feel like I've put in some extra effort.

I love all 4 of the above looks and they don't seem too hard to copy. The skinny jeans I could never pull off, but I love that green coat and all I want is a beautiful yellow dress. Now if I could only find what I'm looking for in the shops :P

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



pretty pinks

I know, I'm a bit late for valentine's day (which isn't really a holiday I celebrate anyway), but I just thought these cookies were too cute. Give this to me on any other day by Feb the 14th and I'll be over the moon. Here's to celebrating your loved one any day of the week.

Check out more of Jordan from Polkadot Prints great work here

winter's coming

When people ask me what's my favorite season I can't really answer them. At the beginning of a season I'm all excited about the wonderful things I can do because of the weather (like snuggling up in winter and being outdoors for long periods of time in the summer) and by the end of the season I'm tired of it and wishing for the next one, dreaming of the things in my wardrobe I haven't worn in so long.

Well, people are saying winter is on it's way here is the cape and I can't wait (especially after the crazy heat waves we've been having). I'm looking forward to woolly scarves, my fluffy winter bedding and divine down duvet, spending rainy days inside and snuggling up with my man...

Friday, March 18, 2011

ipad :)

We finally have one! And I've just done my first post with it. Was a bit of a mission, but I'm sure my wonderful husband will find an app to make it easier for me.

Oh, and it's our first anniversary gift to each other :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bamboo bowls

I finally own some. Yay! And they were on sale at woolies :)

bono. the cat, not the singer

Just two cute pics of my aunts adorable cat :)

jamie olivers chocolate tart (or my funny tartlets)

Well, I wanted to make Jamie Olivers baked chocolate tart for my dad's birthday, but, not feeling brave enough to attempt blind baked pie crust and not being able to find any ready made ones in the shop, I had to settle for these little tartlets. It turned out that even though I had bought two packs of them I still had way too much filling left over after using them all and ended up sticking the rest into my trusty muffin tin and baking it without a crust. This worked even better than the pie shells and I'll definitely do it that way again. Who needs pastry when there is so much chocolaty goodness.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

date night at tuscany beach in camps bay

I think I've mentioned before that Rudi and I try to do date night every week. Well, for the last couple of months it hasn't really been happening every week, or every two weeks for that matter. Actually, it hasn't happened in a while. We've just been so crazy busy and I know that the whole point of date night is to make time for each other when we are so busy, but we've just been really bad about it.

So Rudi, the wonderful man that he is, decided to put a stop to this and took me out for date night to camps bay. I had lovely sushi and even ordered a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (thought I'm sure it wasn't as awesome as the ones in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It was really great to just get away from the house and work and spend some time together.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

breakfast in franschoek

Yesterday morning we met one of my wonderful clients at Le Quatier Francois Hotel in Franshoek for breakfast and a meeting. It was a stunning day. Hot, clear and no wind. I said to Rudi we really need to make the effort to go out there more often and I'm dying to go walk around all the little shops in the main street.

no more geeky little hermione

Don't you just love Emma Watson's style.

i so get this

I wish my hair was long again :)

big bang thoery shoot

I love these

owl - so beautiful

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

we officially (kinda) own a home

{that's our back door. Look at the cute light}

Why I say kinda is that all the legal documents have to get sorted, but yesterday we signed all the documents and today we paid the deposit so the house is finally ours. I'm so excited and at the same time I can't believe it.

In less than a month we will be in our very own home :)

{the sold sign in our window}

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

design indaba

This weekend we went to walk around Design Indaba. There were some great designers and tons of stuff I'd love to own, especially the furniture (for our new house :). From top to bottow in the pic are: Made of Mettle, Rohan Cherry, iKhaya, Ronel Jordaan and Raw.

Rudi also bought me a Flowermill sticky board for our new office.

The we went off to Camps Bay for ice-cream at Sinful.