Monday, September 27, 2010

betty's bay weekend

Over the long weekend Rudi and I went off to Betty's Bay for another completely relaxed, totally chilled weekend away. It didn't start off great though. Rudi and I had an accident on the way there on Thursday. Totally the other guys fault and luckily we're both fine, but spending 4 hours sorting out police reports, towing the car and waiting for my dad to come fetch us while we could have been sitting drinking wine and staring out at the sea wasn't fun. But once we got home Thursday night we decided that we shouldn't let this spoil our weekend so off we went on Friday.

Other than the unfortunate beginning the rest of the weekend was heavenly. Lots of sleeping, eating, reading (I finished Eat Pray Love :) and watching the whales frolic in the sea. We really need to take time off more often.

{mmm... cheese and wine and the sea}

{showing our support on National Braai Day :)}

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  1. Accidents do happen all the time but I like the fact that you didn't let it hold you back! It seems than you had a really nice time... Unlucky me, I have to study!!!! :-((