Saturday, September 4, 2010

wedding photo canvases

When Rudi and I got married my fabulous Lady of Honour and bestest friend, Louise, gave us a voucher for canvas prints of some of our wedding photos as a present from her, her hubby and her darling daughter. I've been threatening to get these done since I got our photos (almost 4 months ago), but it was just one of the many things that I let slip and never seemed to have time for (which is silly, but true).

So on Wednesday I thought enough is enough. We've already had the three nails in the wall where we want to hang them since just after we moved into our new place, so it was time to get them printed. Rudi and I went off to Minuteman Press, gave in the photos and yesterday we went to pick up the canvases. Easy as that.

I think they look absolutely stunning and are such a great reminder of our wonderful wedding day every time we look at them.

Thanks Lou! You're the best. Love you so much :)


  1. They are very beautiful pictures, they look like they're from a movie or a dream! Honestly, Natalie, you look so beautiful! I love your earrings!!!!!!

  2. You're so sweet! Thanks so much for the great compliment. Our photographer was an absolute genius and all the photos turned out so well.

    And those earrings are cheapies from Truworths. I searched high and low for months and then finally found them. I was so relieved and they just worked so well.

  3. It's no compliment Natalie, I always tell the truth! These pictures are really beautiful, very artistic and you look really good. So those earrings were a good buy, huh???

  4. The earrings were a great buy. Very inexpensive. They're just costume jewellery, but they looked wonderful.