Tuesday, February 22, 2011

divine crockery

As I'm in the whole "new home" vibe I couldn't resist posting some scrumptious bowls & plates that I would love for my new house. Aren't they pretty?!?

1. Blue Bamboo Bowls from Moko Direct
2. More Bamboo Bowls from  Inhabitat Shop
3. Ruffled Cake Plates from Olive & Cocoa
4. Ceramic and Wood Bowls by Vincent Van Duysen
5. Dotted Gold Plate from Bailey Doesn't Bark
6. Log Bowls from Loyal Loot
7. Parker Bowl Set from Crate and Barrel
8. Grateful Plate from Aedriel Bigcartel
9. Kiddie Animal Wall Plates from Chik Design
10. Scribble Nesting Bowls from Supermarket

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