Saturday, February 5, 2011

house hunting

Rudi and I are finally at that stage in our lives were we want to (and have the opportunity to) buy a house. We actually made the decision to start looking very quickly and have jumped right in. We've only been going out to view houses since Wednesday, but we've already seen 11.

And we've already found a house that we are both completely in love with. It's actually quite terrible as it was the 3rd house we saw and now nothing else in measuring up. But, we'll take it slow, see what's out there, make all our calculations and decide what suits us best. No rushing into anything for us. This is a big thing and we want to make the right choice.

ps: the above photo is the kind of house we both dream of owning one day. Very modern, with big open plan living areas and lots of windows. Don't think we'll ever get to buying something like this as the prices here are astronomical, but one can still dream

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